LION - EARTHOLOGY (Newly Released EP by TERRENAISSANCE on 16-October-2020)



LION is the fourth song and the Second Music Video in Terrenaissance’s  EP, Earthology, which was released on 16th October 2020.

About the song…

Lion is the band’s first collaborative writing and composition project geared toward a specific event. The song was composed initially as a feature performance, for an HIV Candlelight Vigil event held in 2010, specifically written to talk about the various sides/faces of HIV/AIDS . The song, has since  adapted to a wider interpretation, regarding the everyday struggle of the human condition,  and became a staple of the repetoire.

Written by Roger, Avianne and Chanzo, the song encompasses the Lion as the virus (predator), the survivor (target) and the activist (fighter). The epic story is the journey of overcoming challenging times. A motif and deity in several belief systems and cultures, the Lion is a symbol of strength, courage and survival.

The music emerged from Joel’s evocative guitar arpeggio which is layered with a bowed upright bass by Rodney and a calypso rhythm and melody created by Avianne. An emotive current runs through the song from the verses and choruses rendered by Roger, Trevor and Avianne, to Chanzo’s fierce spoken word piece intensely supported by Christopher’s tenor pan. After Chanzo’s berimbau interlude, the song winds down with a solemn a capella session. Lion is a haunting composition as eloquent and affecting as the lyrics themselves.




SRINGARA is the second song in Terrenaissance’s upcoming EP, Earthology. It’s release as a Single, is timed to precede that of the full EP , which launches in October 2020. The launch date for Sringara was July 23rd 2020,  at which time it will be available for download and streaming, across all major online music platforms.

About the song…

So what is Sringara…. What does it mean anyway?

The word Sringara,  according to any Sanskrit dictionary translates loosely to ‘love’.However, like most direct translations, it contains elements of truth, while falling far short. Sringara is much more than just romantic love. According to Tantric mystical practice, sringara is every state in which something new is created, the highest emotional state of all. Sringara is less love and more everything that inspires the feeling. (Taken from this article which does a far better job of of explaining the term that we ever could)

Sringara is a unique experiment in sound. The song emerged after Trevor introduced Avianne to elements of South Indian classical music theory. Inspired by one of the ragas (Indian classical musical modes), Avianne developed the mode into a song , which was later expanded with Trevor’s complementary melody. A powerful African-styled chant, rich double bass and percussive mix of cajon and congas, provide great depth and drive, while the contrasting and enticing voices of Trevor and Avianne weave a timeless narrative, reminiscent of the feeling of two persons falling in love for the first time. Finally, the interplay between flamenco inspired lead guitar accents and the dreamy notes of the tenor pan, transports the listener on a musical journey, to that elusive state of Sringara that, we all dream of.

[Terrenaissance fact: The decision was made during the composition of this song, that its essence should be expressed through the music alone, as similar to the emotion, Sringara has no words. ]






The portmanteau band name, which combines Earth (Terre) and rebirth (Renaissance), heralds the reawakening of a new, global consciousness. Forging new routes with its home-grown sound, Terrenaissance is the first act of its generation to compose and perform totally acoustic music spanning the wide range of languages, oral artforms and vocal styles that co-exist in the Caribbean. The mystic Terrenaissance sound emerged and evolved through open air jam sessions at the University of the West Indies in St Augustine. Founded in the late 2006 by Avianne Callender, the band’s members were brought together from different parts of the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and vastly different musical backgrounds. Over the years, these ‘Children of the Big Bang’ have created a vanguard of sound through experimentation, improvisation and a constant search for beauty and quality..



Avianne Callender

Band Leader
Lead vocals
Rhythm Guitar

Christopher Castagne

Steel Pan / Steel Drums
Panflutes /Marimba

Tinika Davis

Djembe / Dumbek Drums

Trevor Samaroo

Lead vocals (Indian raag)
Backup Vocals

Joel Castagne

Lead Guitar
Lead Mandolin
Rhythm Guitar (Fingerstyle)

Roger T.I.

Lead vocals
Backup Vocals
Rainstick / Shakers

Chanzo Greenidge

Lead vocals (Spoken Word)
Backup Vocals

Kiran Sankar

Indian Tabla (Drum)


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